About Me

This summer I graduated from NYC University where my major was English Literature and History. Having been in love with 18th century for almost all my life at the age of 24 I have read various authors from all around the world from Laurence Sterne and Henry Fielding to Samuel Taylor Coleridge and Pierre Choderlos de Laclos. Their works embraced my world with colors and filled it with new experiences and views. From the point of now I can easily say that I have started my educational blog exactly because I was inspired by them. Yet, partially because I was interested in sharing my knowledge with people (especially students) who are in love with literature as much as I am. Nowadays I do not only blog about education, I also give tips about mastering one`s writing and ways of making your college paperwork perfect. Additionally, together with other writers and bloggers we hold meetings where perform live writing examples. Keep up with my blog to be updated with latest news in the world of writing and not to miss our events. Joseph Kranberg, 24, Newburgh, NY.