I bet you have been walking around with some of these questions. Come take a look πŸ˜‰

What event in the history of the 18th century you like the most? Why?

No doubts it`s when George III becomes King of Britain. Nevertheless he had a lot from Germany in him, he desired to show the dedication to the Britain and willingness to rule in the profitable ways for the whole country.

Why Henry Fielding? I haven’t read any of his books. Would you recommend?

Of course I would! Myself, I adore the Amelia novel. It`s such a down to earth story, yet with the social issues of that time (173ss), which we still can observe in the middle east countries. But you have to make sure you read the first edition, as in the second they had cropped out a whole chapter and changed some events.

Do you have life outside of blogging and studying and books?

Ha-ha. Yes, I do. When the free time comes, I always switch the city for the suburban. You have so many options over there, starting with bicycling, fishing, hiking, and finishing with just a relaxing time with family and friends, BBQ-ing and sunbathing.

What is a must-have for a student who craves for an A-mark essay?

Dedication and time management. Most of the time you get the assignment task with a deadline of 24 to 72 hours. The biggest mistake you can make in such cases is to put the task away till the very last moment. What you should do, is to come home, get a one-hour rest, then sit down and write the paper. Even if you have no inspiration, by the next morning you will have a draft that you can fix/rewrite a little, which is much better than to have none and no idea.