How to Make Extra Cash as a Writer

Being a writer takes a lot than just sitting behind your computer. The thing is that anyone can write, no matter the location, time, and profession. However, the main question is – how do you make extra cash from writing?

Freelancing is the ultimate side hustle. It pays well, it is fun, it attracts little expenses, and it is also enjoyable. That sheer amount and the flexibility that comes with online writing makes it one of the most reliable fields to specialize in. Here are some things to take into consideration to earn an extra penny through writing.

Get Jobs off The Popular Boards

Most writers rely on only job boards to earn them a contract. Yes, job boards may help you to apply a good number of writing jobs. However, if you can find more jobs such as resume writing and blog posting, you can earn a little more each day.

Again, job boards have lots of opportunities in different niches. If you score well on this job board, then you can comfortably apply to anything you can handle.

Engage in Articles for Magazines, Journals, and Blogs

As aforementioned, global content constitutes of major publications. Whether it is online or offline content, publishing must keep going. This means that fields such as magazines, journals, and word press blogs keep looking for an individual to give them quality writing, as well as pay for it. That person might be you. By now, you know that to find the best opportunities, you will need to work both hard and smart. Success does not happen overnight. Succeeding in this will not happen overnight.

Engage in Academic Writing

This is honestly one of the most paying fields in writing. As far as schools are in session and you guarantee that you can do quality work, then you will be a high priority to students.

Every semester more than 60% of students are looking for writers to do their essays and other assignments. Dissertations are quite a challenge for many students in colleges. Basically, in my case, I would comfortably find someone to write my dissertation at an affordable price. This means that the field is essential, and you can earn some extra cash when you get engaged.

Be a Copywriter

If you are already freelancing, it means you are a good writer. Therefore, you can write a clean copy for platforms such as content sites. Becoming a copywriter is such a logical step to take as a writer. If you feel you are not good enough yet, find a copy site, apply for jobs, and keep on trying. Remember that man is to err, and that the more practice you make, the better copywriter you become.

Compete in Writing Contest

You know you are a good writer when you work with all kind of professional writer. Contests do not recognize your skill. Beginners and professionals are all put together and left to compete fairly.

Engaging yourself in writing contests helps you to win cash prizes as well as other huge prices. You can do it for fun, you never know.

Do Self-publishing

Writing can be a career. Authors follow the same path. If you write books, you can publish your work on Amazon or even sell your content in watt pad. If you take part in market surveys or you happen to be commercially minded, then you can generate some good cash from book sales.


Make use of these ideas to generate more income from online writing. Let each of them be an inspiration to get you moving. If you have the potential to do something, don’t limit yourself, sometimes go beyond your limits and make some extra cash from online writing.

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