Please send a prospectus rather than a full-length
manuscript. Your prospectus should include the following:

  • Brief cover/ query letter
  • A brief synopsis of the book
  • The first 2-3 chapters
  • A table of contents (non fiction); outline (fiction)
  • Description of your writing audience, list similar books and
    what your book offers that is unique and therefore
  • A discussion the specific ways in which you are
    prepared to assist in marketing, including any relevant
    information about your market at present, your web
    presence and media contacts, if any
  • An author’s information sheet or bio, concentrating on
    relevant qualifications and experience.

Our response time depends on the number of submissions
received at the same time we receive yours!

If this is a simultaneous submission, please inform us of this
in the cover letter.

Please place all information in one file and send it in Rich Text
Format (rtf).

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